Question2Answer is being extended by the community.

This page links to add-ons created by Question2Answer users. These are not endorsed for quality or suitability, but we hope they are useful. If you have something to contribute, please get in touch - your help is much appreciated!

Language Files

The language files below are marked by the corresponding Question2Answer version. You can safely install a language file from a different version, and update it with the missing phrases. To install a language, place its directory (such as fr or ru) in Q2A’s qa-lang directory, then open the General section of the Admin panel and choose the language from the menu provided.

Q2A 1.8

Q2A 1.7

Q2A 1.6

View older language files.

If your language is not listed, or is out-of-date, you can create or update language files using a text editor.


To install a theme, place its directory in Q2A’s qa-theme directory, then open the General section of the Admin panel and choose the theme from the menu provided. Many good themes can be found at Q2A service providers. Below is a list of other recently updated themes:

You can also create your own themes using CSS only, or (optionally) modify the HTML code.


Q2Andy by JacksiroKe is a new Android client for Question2Answer sites which uses qa-api, a simple Q2A custom API. To use Q2Andy, build qa-android android app for your site using Android Studio as per your needs then clone qa-api to the root directory of your Q2A site.

Older Android clients include: Q2A client for Android by NoahY and Q2A Android client by Arjun. Both require the XML-RPC plugin to be installed on the Q2A site you’re using with permission given to users in Admin page.


To install a plugin (requires Q2A 1.3 or later), place its directory in Q2A’s qa-plugin directory, then open the Plugins section of the Admin panel and check it is listed. The plugin may also offer some options on this page.

Major features

  • Badges Plugin by NoahY, updated by Chun. Provides user badges which recognize users’ activities and achievements.
  • Better Points by Arjun. Extends the default Q2A point system by adding points for giving comments, receiving comment upvotes/downvotes. Also, has an option to give points for blog/exam postings which are supported by paid plugins.
  • Comment Voting Plugin by NoahY. Allows comments to be voted on, similarly to questions and answers.
  • Extra Question Field by JacksiroKe. Enhance your Extra Question fields with file management among other extra fields.
  • Network Sites Plugin by NoahY. Allows the creation of a network of interlinked Q2A sites.

Editors and viewers

Integration with other products

Additional page types


User interface


Anti-spam tools

Administrative tools

For older versions of Q2A

  • Ajax Comment Form by NoahY. Display and submits dynamically loaded comment forms without refreshing the page, for Q2A versions prior to 1.5.
  • Question Closing by NoahY. Allows questions to be closed in Q2A 1.4.x.
  • XML Sitemap Generator by Simon Frerichs. Q2A 1.3 now includes a Sitemap generator so this may not be necessary.

Click for documentation on creating Q2A plugins (requires PHP programming).