Contributing to Question2Answer

Development of Question2Answer takes place through GitHub. Bug reports and pull requests are encouraged, provided they follow these guidelines.

Bug reports (issues)

If you find a bug (error) with Question2Answer, please submit an issue here. Be as descriptive as possible: include exactly what you did to make the bug appear, what you expect to happen, and what happened instead. Also include your PHP version and MySQL version. Remember to check for similar issues already reported.

If you think you've found a security issue, you can responsibly disclose it to us using the contact form here.

Note that general troubleshooting issues such as installation or how to use a feature should continue to be asked on the Question2Answer Q&A.

Pull requests

If you have found the cause of the bug in the Q2A code, you can submit the patch back to the Q2A repository. Create a fork of the repo, make the changes in your fork, then submit a pull request. Bug fix pull requests must be targeted to the bugfix branch. PRs for new features or large code changes must be made to the dev branch.

If you wish to implement a feature, you should start a discussion on the Question2Answer Q&A first. We welcome all ideas but they may not be appropriate for the Q2A core. Consider whether your idea could be developed as a plugin.